• State Certified
    Specializing in site work, underground utilities, lift stations, water treatment plants
    and wastewater treatment plants. Our motto is "Green and Growing".
Water & Wastewater Consulting

Our water management experts develop creative and effective solutions for any water management project from engineering planning to safety & feasibility.

Installation, Repairs & Service

We offer system upgrades and modifications, repairs and maintenance, service inspections, fire hydrant maintenance and water meter reading.

Underground Utilities

We perform utility contracting for Earthwork, Water Distribution Lines, Sanitary Sewer Lines, Lift Stations, Storm Sewers, Wastewater & Water Treatment Plants.


ECO-2000, Inc. is State-Certified as a contractor. We offer a variety of demolition services with the experience and equipment for small and large demolition projects.



ECO-2000, Inc. provides sitework as part of the construction process, including grading, excavation, construction and installation of septic tanks and filtration systems, driveways and other utilities.

Eco-2000, Inc. is responsible for the installation of sewer, drainage, and water pipe on various jobs, large or small.

Eco-2000, Inc. is responsible for the operations and maintenance of several water treatment plants and the delivery of safe, clear sufficient water to the communities we serve.

Eco-2000, Inc. applies chemical, biological, and mechanical procedures to an industrial or municipal discharge or to any other sources of contaminated water to remove, reduce, or neutralize contaminants before discharging it into a water body in order to make it more compatible or acceptable to humans.


ECO-2000 Inc. is a state-certified contractor specializing in site work, underground utilities, lift stations, water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. ECO-2000, Inc. has the following Certifications on hand at this location:

  • Minority Business Enterprise
  • Florida Unified Certification Program as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • State Certified Drinking Water Treatment Plant Operator 
  • State Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
  • Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor
  • Qualified Business Organization ECO-2000, Inc.

About ECO-2000 Inc.

ECO-2000 Inc. is based in Bushnell, Florida since 1999. We have an impressive list of customers. We have provided services to school systems, colleges, state agencies, counties, cities, religious organizations, large and small subdivisions and private communities throughout the state of Florida.

Our knowledge of environmental science, wastewater and water facilities, and underground utilities help us to serve our clients to the highest standards.

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We are located at 1611 W C-48 in Bushnell in beautiful Sumter County.

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    1611 W C-48
    Bushnell, FL 33513
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    Office: (352) 793-5060
    Fax: (352) 793-9074

Work Process

At ECO 2000 Inc. we are very familiar with deadlines and budgets, we strive to keep costs down and deliver a project on time and as promised.
Our team of experts will help you along the process to keep project goals accomplished.